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WEDVIBES TOP 10 Bridal Accessories Designers in Europe

Updated: Jul 6

wedvibes cover

Wedvibes is a magazine dedicated to everything related to the world of weddings.

It offers access to the latest trends, renowned professionals in the field, creative ideas for decorations and much more. The magazine also offers a wide range of advice on how to create the perfect event.

From finding unique dress styles to choosing colour themes and other wedding details, inspiration can be found for planning the ideal wedding. Wedvibes is an extremely fashionable magazine that aims to promote a new vision of weddings, one that is modern, yet luxuriously detailed and always on trend.

wedvibes editorial. girl wearing wedding dress.

wedvibes editorial. girl wearing wedding dress.

wedvibes editorial. elegant hall

Top Bridal Accessories Designer in Europe

We are thrilled to be included in the selection by WEDVIBES and gratified by the recognition for the energy and passion that we put into creating unique top bridal accessories for our beautiful brides.

We can't wait to unveil all the new designs that we have in mind and are currently developing in our studio in Italy, further cementing our position among the leading bridal accessories creators in Europe.

wedvibes editorial. Jonida Ripani fetured

wedvibes editorial. Jonida Ripani featured



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