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Accessories bt Jonida Ripani


Materials used in the manufacture of the accessories.

Anti-tarnish Brass

Classified according to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards.

  •     Resistant to oxidation.

  •     Maintains shiny and glossy appearance

  •     High flexibility, allows accessories to be molded to physical conformities as needed without breaking or deforming.

  •     Durable and durable

Gold or 925 silver plated items

  •     Some items may have basic or custom lacquering.

Polymer clay, raw and refractory

  •     Process: sculpted and shaped by hand

  •     Drying: clay is left to air dry for a few days to several weeks to allow for complete drying.

  •     Firing: the dried clay is then fired in a kiln at high temperatures, often (between 110°C and 135°C), to create a durable ceramic material.

  •     Physical characteristics: ceramics created in this way can be impact-resistant, durable, elastic, and lightweight.

Freshwater pearls

  •    Freshwater pearls can range in size from less than 1 mm to more than 15 mm in diameter

  •    Matte or shiny luster

  •    Their surface often has irregularities, roughness or cracks that can be appreciated as factors that make the pearl unique and authentic

Baroque pearls

  •    Irregularly shaped baroque pearls, not perfectly round, characterized by irregular surface and natural texture.

  •    Color: Natural white

  •    Size: Varies from 5mm to 20mm

  •    Natural and unique texture, irregular shape to create original jewelry and accessories.

  •    Some pearls may have small imperfections or irregularities in shape.

Swarovski pearls

  •    Made of crystal, they have a shiny, uniform surface with no irregularities or cracks.

  •    Available in a wide range of colors

  •    Generally uniform in size, they range in diameter from less than 1 mm to about 18 mm.

  •    They have a very high luster that reflects light intensely and evenly, giving the pearls an elegant and glamorous appearance.

Crystal pearls

  •    Produced by the Austrian company Swarovski using a crystal core with a synthetic pearl coating.

  •    Their surface is smooth and even, with no irregularities or cracks.

  •    Available in a wide range of colors

  •    They have a uniform diameter ranging from less than 1 mm to about 18 mm.

  •    They have a high luster that reflects light evenly and intensely, giving a luxurious and refined look to the jewelry.

Faceted crystals beads

  •    Faceted crystal beads are made from crystal and have a faceted surface with sharp, smooth edges.

  •    Available in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes

  •    They can reflect light intensely, creating distinctive and brilliant effects.

Czech seed beads

  •    "Czech seed beads" are made in the Czech Republic and are micro glass beads.

  •    They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but are mainly cylindrical or rounded in shape, ranging in diameter from less than a millimeter to about 3 millimeters.

  •    These beads are known for their intense colors, glazed finish, uniform shape, and consistent quality.

  •    Available in a wide range of colors, including a rich variety of shades of bright hues or pastel tones.

  •    Appreciated for their uniformity and extreme brilliance.


  •    Artificial gemstones made of glass or plastic that have a diamond-like appearance.

  •    Available in different colors shapes and sizes

  •    Durable and bright

  •    They make accessories more sparkling, elegant and glamorous by highlighting stylistic shapes and eye-catching details.

Cubic zirconias

  •    Artificial gemstones made of cubic zirconia, a synthetic material that has a diamond-like appearance.

  •    Valued for their brilliance, cut, and quality, they can replicate the appearance of diamond in impressive ways.

illusion soft tulle or silk tulle "for veils"

  •    Lightweight, transparent fabrics widely used in the making of bridal veils.

  •    They are made of synthetic or silk fibers and have a soft, smooth texture.

  •    They come in different colors, but the colors we use most are white and ivory.

  •    Because they are very light, veils made from these fabrics fall lightly and allow for the creation of plays of transparency, which are ideal for making multi-layered veils.

  •    "Soft illusion tulle" is generally available in varying degrees of opacity, from the most transparent to the most opaque.

  •    Both types of soft illusion fabric and silk tulle, have the characteristic of not flattening or bending easily, retaining their shape and resistant to fading.

  •    Being delicate fabrics, they require special care in processing and cleaning, and the use of gentle detergents without harsh chemicals.

Silk Flowers, Fabric and Organza

  •    "Silk flowers" are flowers made by hand from cutting to shaping with millinery irons from fine Italian silk fabric. Like "fabric flowers," they can come in different colors, shapes and sizes.

  •    Fabric flowers are made using velvet and other soft fabrics of mixed composition.

  •    "Organza flowers" are flowers made from organza, a transparent, lightweight fabric. Often available in pastel colors or muted tones, they can be used to create delicate and romantic arrangements.

  •    Sturdy and durable

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