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A complete Bride's Guide to Wedding Day Bridal Hairstyle

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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and every detail counts.

From the dress to the flowers, everything needs to be perfect. But one of the biggest decisions you'll make is choosing the perfect bridal hairstyle. Your hair is your crowning glory, and on your wedding day, it should be nothing less than spectacular. So, whether you're dreaming of an elegant updo or loose, flowing locks, it's time to start thinking about the perfect bridal hairstyle for your wedding day.


1. From Classic to Modern: Trending Wedding Hairstyles for Brides-to-Be

As the wedding bells start ringing, brides-to-be start planning the perfect dress, venue, and of course, the perfect hairstyle.

From classic updos to modern sleek bobs, the world of wedding hairstyles is ever-evolving. Let's take a journey through time and explore the trending wedding hairstyles that every bride-to-be should consider for her special day.

From classic updos to modern braids, there are so many options to choose from, making it difficult for brides-to-be to decide on the perfect wedding bridal hairstyle. However, with the ever-changing trends, it is essential to keep up with the latest styles to ensure that your hairstyle is on point.

Classic wedding hairstyles such as the chignon, the French twist, and the ballerina bun, are still popular choices for many brides. These hairstyles are timeless and elegant, and they complement almost any wedding dress style.

However, modern wedding hairstyles have also gained popularity in recent years. Braids, for instance, have become a go-to option for many brides. Whether you opt for a simple braid, a fishtail braid, or a braided updo, braids are perfect for adding a touch of romance to your wedding hairstyle. Another modern wedding hairstyle trend is the messy bun.

This hairstyle is effortless yet chic, and it’s perfect for brides who want to achieve a relaxed, bohemian look. For brides who prefer a more intricate hairstyle, the twisted updo is a great option. This style involves twisting sections of hair and pinning them into an updo, resulting in an elegant and sophisticated look. In summary, whether you prefer classic or modern wedding hairstyles, there are plenty of options to choose from. Just remember to choose a style that complements your wedding dress, enhances your natural beauty, and most importantly, makes you feel confident and beautiful on your special day.

2. Updos vs. Down: Which Wedding Hairstyle is Right for You?

bridal hairstyle

One of the most important decisions you will need to make is whether you want an updo or a down hairstyle. Updos are classic and sophisticated, creating an elegant look that is perfect for formal weddings. They also have the added benefit of keeping your hair out of your face, which is especially important if you will be wearing a veil. Some popular updo styles include the chignon, the French twist, and the bun. Down hairstyles, on the other hand, are more natural and romantic, giving a soft and feminine look that is perfect for outdoor or bohemian weddings. These styles can include loose waves, braids, or a half-up, half-down style. Ultimately, the decision between an updo and down hairstyle should come down to your personal preference and the overall style of your wedding. If you are having a formal affair, an updo may be the perfect choice, while a more relaxed wedding may call for a down hairstyle. It is also important to consider the length and texture of your hair, as certain styles may work better with different hair types. Whatever you choose, make sure to have a trial run with your stylist to ensure that the hairstyle you choose will look great on your big day.

3. Five Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Day Hairstyle

There are a few key factors that you should consider when choosing your wedding day hairstyle.

Firstly, consider the style of your dress. If you have a dress with a high neckline or intricate details, an updo may be the best option to showcase these features.

On the other hand, if you have a dress with a low back or off-the-shoulder neckline, a loose curl or half-up, half-down hairstyle may be more appropriate.

Secondly, consider the weather. If you are getting married in the summer months, you may want to opt for a hairstyle that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

A messy bun or loose braid are great options for hot weather.

If you are getting married in the winter months, you may want to consider a hairstyle that will keep you warm, such as a wave hairstyle or a Braided Half-up.

Thirdly, consider your hair type and texture. If you have fine hair, you may want to avoid heavy, elaborate hairstyles that may weigh your hair down. If you have thick hair, you may want to consider a hairstyle that will keep your hair in place and prevent frizz throughout the day.

Fourthly, consider your face shape.

Different hairstyles can flatter different face shapes.

For example, if you have a round face, a hairstyle with volume and height at the crown can elongate your face. If you have a square face, a soft, romantic hairstyle with loose curls can soften your features. If you have an oval face, you could opt for a classic and elegant hairstyle, such as a chignon or a French twist.

If the wedding is a formal affair, an elegant updo would be a perfect choice. If the wedding is more relaxed and informal, a loose and messy hairstyle would suit the occasion. It's also essential to consider your personality when choosing a hairstyle. If you are a free spirit, a bohemian hairstyle would be a perfect match. If you are classic and elegant, a sleek and sophisticated hairstyle would be a better choice. offers good advice on the subject:

ideal bridal hairstyle according face shape

Lastly, consider your personal style and preferences. Your wedding day is a reflection of you and your partner, so it's important to choose a hairstyle that you feel comfortable and confident in. If you usually wear your hair down and natural, you may want to consider a simple, elegant hairstyle that reflects your everyday style. If you love bold, dramatic looks, you may want to consider a hairstyle with intricate braids or a dramatic updo.

4. Breaking the Rules: Choosing Your Bridal Attire & Accessory in Any Order

It is often said that the dress should be chosen first and then the accessories should be matched to the dress. However, this is not necessarily the case. Many brides fall in love with an accessory and then build the look around that particular piece, taking into account the hairstyle, dress and other details of their wedding. The idea of building a look around a specific accessory that can influence and inspire the subsequent choice of dress and hairstyle is a creative and interesting possibility. However, I advise brides to follow their instincts and not feel bound by rules.

jonida Ripani Earrings

Choosing your wedding look is a very personal decision and should reflect your personality and style. In addition, every woman has her own way of making choices; some may have a clear idea from the start, while others may want to take all the time they need to decide. Either way, it is important to adopt an open and experimental attitude, always trying to be consistent with your style and vision for your wedding.

Bride wearing Jonida Ripani Earrings

Bride wearing Jonida Ripani Earrings

Bride wearing Jonida Ripani Earrings

Bride wearing Jonida Ripani Earrings

Bride wearing Jonida Ripani Earrings

5. The Importance of Accessory Size for Bridal Hair: Tips from Top Stylists

According to PT McGilvray et al. (2020), the size of the accessory should complement the bride's hairstyle, face shape, and wedding dress. A large accessory can be overwhelming and distract from the bride's natural beauty, while a small accessory may not be noticeable enough to add to the overall look.

Bride wearing Jonida Ripani Tiara

It is important to strike a balance between the size of the accessory and the other elements of the bride's look. Additionally, the shape should also be taken into consideration. A round face may benefit from a more elongated accessory, while a heart-shaped face may benefit from a rounder one. The color is also a crucial factor. The accessory should complement the color scheme of the wedding and the bride's dress. Understanding the importance of the size is crucial in creating the perfect bridal hairstyle. The accessory should complement the bride's overall look, and a balance should be struck between size, shape, and color to enhance the bride's natural beauty.

Accessories can enhance or detract from any outfit. Adorning is a way to express one's style and personality but it should also complement the overall look. According to Bain, Gawne, and Radford (2011), the occasion, venue, and mood are important considerations when choosing accessories.

Bride wearing Jonida Ripani Tiara

For a wedding, the venue and theme of the wedding should be also considered. For example, a beach wedding may require more relaxed and natural item such as a flower crown or simple jewelry, while a formal ballroom wedding may call for more elegant and intricate pieces such as chandelier earrings or a statement necklace. The mood of the event should also be taken into account. If the wedding is a festive and lively affair, accessories should be more colorful and playful, while a more subdued wedding may require more understated and classic pieces.

The idea of standing out in a crowd can be daunting for many individuals due to the fear of appearing too flashy or ostentatious, but it is essential to remember that standing out is not the same as being out of context. When striving to create a memorable and impactful appearance, it is crucial to maintain harmony and balance between all elements of one's outfit, including the hairstyle, dress and most importantly, the context, such as the location, size, and importance of the event.

For instance, an accessory that characterizes the grandeur of the occasion can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a grand wedding hosted in a lavish villa, chateau, or palace, truly reflecting the majesty and opulence of the event. Therefore, it is not the act of being flashy that creates disharmony, but rather the lack of proportion and context that can detract from one's overall aesthetic and impact.

Bride wearing Jonida Ripani accessory

Bride wearing Jonida Ripani tiara

Bride wearing Jonida Ripani crown

Consider a grand wedding hosted in a lavish villa, chateau, or palace, where an accessory that highlights the grandeur of the occasion can add an extra touch of elegance and sophistication, enhancing the majestic and opulent ambiance of the event. Flashiness is not the issue here; rather, it's the lack of proportion and context that can detract from your overall aesthetic and impact.

For a traditional or classic wedding, a tiara or a veil can be a perfect choice. A tiara can add a royal touch to the bride's outfit, while a veil adds a sense of elegance and grace.

Bride wearing Jonida Ripani Veil

For a beach or outdoor wedding, a floral crown or a hair comb with natural elements can be a suitable choice. These accessories can enhance the natural and relaxed vibe of the wedding.

A vintage-themed wedding can be paired with a hair accessory with intricate details and designs, such as a beaded headband or a feather fascinator. For a modern and minimalist wedding, a simple and sleek hairpin or a metallic hair cuff can be an excellent choice.

Bridal hair accessories have been an essential part of wedding ceremonies for centuries, with different cultures having unique and significant traditions that impact their use. In many cultures, bridal hair accessories are an important symbol of cultural heritage, social status, and spirituality.

Whether it's a small and delicate hairpin for a simple chignon or a grandiose piece to complement a more extravagant hairstyle, choosing the right item can make all the difference.

Bride wearing Jonida Ripani Accessories

Bride wearing Jonida Ripani tiara

Bride wearing Jonida Ripani accessory


  • Importance of Details: Every detail of the wedding day matters, including the bride's hairstyle.

  • Trending Hairstyles:

  • Classic: Chignon, French twist, ballerina bun.

  • Modern: Braids, messy bun, twisted updo.

  • Updos vs. Down Hairstyles:

  • Updos: Elegant and perfect for formal weddings, keep hair off the face.

  • Down Hairstyles: Natural and romantic, ideal for outdoor or bohemian weddings.

  • Five Factors to Consider:

  1. Dress Style: High necklines or intricate details pair well with updos.

  2. Weather: Hairstyles that keep cool in summer or warm in winter.

  3. Hair Type and Texture: Lightweight styles for fine hair, sturdy styles for thick hair.

  4. Face Shape: Hairstyles that enhance facial features.

  5. Personal Style: Choose a hairstyle that reflects your personality and makes you feel confident.

  • Order of Choosing Accessories: You don’t need to choose the dress first; accessories can inspire the entire look.

  • Importance of Accessory Size:

  • Accessories should balance with the hairstyle, face shape, and dress.

  • Different accessories for different wedding themes: flower crowns for outdoor weddings, tiaras or veils for classic weddings, intricate details for vintage weddings, simple accessories for modern minimalist weddings.

  • Proportion and Context: Accessories that reflect the wedding’s setting and theme enhance the overall look.



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