Category: 2019 "Floral Muses" Collection

PROVENCE Bridal Comb Headpieces PRIMAVERA FLORAL HAIRPINS Hairpins DUCHESSA MAXI EARRINGS Earrings CAROLINA PETITE EARRINGS 2019 "Floral Muses" Collection BRIGITTE COMB Headpieces PALERMO Tiara Tiaras & Crowns MARSALA Statement Crown Tiaras & Crowns ROSA Flower Earrings Earrings ROCOCO | Statement Earrings Earrings ANNA Floral Earrings Earrings FLORA Bridal Earrings Earrings BALLERINA Statement Earrings Earrings MODICA Crown Tiaras & Crowns DANTE | Statement Crown Tiaras & Crowns PLUM PURPLE Earrings Earrings GIADA EARRINGS Earrings CHLOE EARRINGS Earrings RENOIR | STATEMENT GARDEN EARRINGS Earrings DUCHESSA | STATEMENT EARRINGS Earrings MELODIA HEADPIECE Headpieces NAVONA | Empire Crown Tiaras & Crowns BREZZA HAIRPINS Hairpins GIULIA FLORAL EARRINGS Earrings CAROLINA EARRINGS 2019 "Floral Muses" Collection SHERRY | BLOSSOM TIARA Tiaras & Crowns MONA LISA HEADPIECE Headpieces CRISTINA | FLORAL HEADPIECE Headpieces GELSOMINO EARRINGS Earrings MINA | Bow Headband Tiaras & Crowns MARGA | Dainty Bridal Hairpins Hairpins PENELOPE | The Celestial Crown Tiaras & Crowns CAPRI | INTRICATE BLOSSOM CROWN Tiaras & Crowns OROSEI CROWN Tiaras & Crowns SHERRY | FLORAL HEADPIECE Headpieces ISABELLA EARRINGS Earrings PENELOPE | PEARL HAIRPINS Hairpins SARAH | FLORAL EARRINGS Earrings GELSOMINO HAIRPINS Hairpins SOPHIE TIARA Tiaras & Crowns POSITANO EARRINGS Earrings SOFIA EARRINGS Earrings DAPHNE CROWN Tiaras & Crowns FLORENCE EARRINGS Earrings VERONICA EARRINGS Earrings ROSACE EARRINGS Earrings MARCHESA STATEMENT EARRINGS Earrings JOSEPHINE STATEMENT CROWN Tiaras & Crowns THE BOUQUET EARRINGS Earrings CHLOE HAIRPINS Hairpins AURORA BLOSSOM CROWN Tiaras & Crowns